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Shipment Obligation


The AOP, C5C and GFA networks have a shipment obligation policy. All members are required to contribute a reasonable number of shipments into the network. This is observed and evaluated by monthly volume reports and ensures an appropriate return of shipments and mutual benefit between the members.

Our shipment obligation encourages our members to intensify business development between network members, still though on a non-exclusive basis of course.  However, by entering more shipments into our network, you will receive more from other members in return!  This system enhances the mutual cooperation between members.  By using our system, you are also protected financially and can rest assured that you are dealing with reliable and efficient cargo agents. 

Member Selection

Our aim: Having the right agent in the right place for you!
Unlike many other freight forwarding associations, we can proudly say: "we have chosen nearly all of our members personally".
This is done through our extensive travel work and personal recommendations and referrals.  Our representatives travel all over the world, visiting members and potential members in order to evaluate them and their facilities.  To date, Gross Fuchs representatives have been sent to 100 countries around the world.

Our administration is heavily involved in the quality of cooperation amongst our partners. Any issues regarding member reliability, disputes and financial issues are reported to the network’s management and will be taken care of immediately.

Annual Events

Each of our cargo networks host an annual conference so that members can personally connect with each other. Meet business partners and friends, deepen your existing relationships and make new ones!
Regularly, we´re changing the conference´s venue globally to balance travel work. Key element in our events are the 1 to 1 meetings between members, arranged by our own designed software tool.

Besides to our 1 to 1 meetings, members have the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the formal conference settings, e.g. gala dinner, welcome receptions and leisure day activities. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each member on a personal level and turn leads into business.

1 to 1 Meetings

GF operates a customs-tailored 1to1-meeting-scheduler which allows members to log into their profile and select agents which they would like to meet during the conference.
This makes our events more productive for the members as they get the opportunity to choose who they would like to meet beforehand.

Each of our 1 to 1 meetings is a 30 minute meeting between two agents.  During this time, members often talk about their company and any business they may have in the other member’s region, helping facilitate any potential business between the two members.
The 1 to 1 meetings are a unique opportunity to get to know the other members on a personal level and cultivate new business opportunities.  

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Members´ Advantages

Each member is given a login and password to the restricted members area: This section of our website is accessible only to network members and contains a variety of features.

ISR - Invoice & Shipment Report

The customs-tailored online software tool "ISR" enables us to monitor and follow up on open dues within the network. We are taking over your accounts receivable management. As a logical side-effect it also enables us to review the contribution of each member in consideration of our shipment obligation.

Member Directory

This area contains the contact info, addresses and company profiles of network members.  If you are looking for an agent in a specific region or country, you can easily look them up here and contact them.  You can look up members by name, country or even Airport/Seaport.  The directory also gives you comprehensive information about the member such as licenses being held, contact persons of various departments, emergency contact details, etc. .

Network Developments

This is our members’ only news section containing information about new network members as well as other announcements.

Upcoming Events

Find out what´s going on: Check out our coming events & conferences, locations, itineraries and more.

Recent Events

going back in time.... check out our recent events, download previous group pictures and look at some other unforgettable memories.


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